Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greetings - October Changes

Hello TV20 viewers and welcome to the new website and blog! Here I will post news and thoughts coming out of the TV20 control room in Salt Lake City.

The first bit of news is of course, the website. It was designed by Marcus Maher from Alathea Ministries, and hopefully will provide a more attractive and informative web presence for TV20. There is a newly designed schedule and links to the web pages of our exclusive local programming; most of which have lots of online content.

The second bit of news is the schedule for October; we're saying goodbye to some old shows and hello to a few new ones. Both Beverly Hillbillies and Lassie will be gone due to schedule conflicts and cancellations, and the Independent News Network will move in to fill the time.
In the 9am time slot, which currently runs The Greats and Landmarks, a Monday through Friday block of Word Pictures will move in. This block is sponsored by Roy Bible Church, and will be followed by Synapse, a five minute program hosted by Pastor Kenny Montano at the end of every Word Pictures episode.
And finally, the Monday through Friday 7am time slot, which was formally Marketplace, will be featuring Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack, a Bible teaching program.

We're really excited to have these new programs on TV20 and sincerely hope that they will be useful and encouraging to our viewers. Also, we'd love to hear your feedback on our programming at KTMWTV20@gmail.com, whether good or bad. That's all for now...

From the TV20 Control Room

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  1. hi, congrats on the new website, it looks great and is easy to use! Stephanie