Wednesday, April 28, 2010

400% More TV20!

Hi TV20 viewers, big news to share with you today! If you receive your TV20 from the over-the-air digital broadcast (not Comcast, Dish or DirectTV) then you will be privileged to receive the TV20 subchannels which are now programmed as follows....

20.2 Biz Television
This network focuses (obviously) on business. There are a few business/entrepreneur talk shows, including one for moms, auction shows, money managing shows, business for kids shows, and the news. Click here for more info, including the schedule.

20.3 Tv20 Shop!
This channel is mostly infomercials, so we encourage you to experience the fun and convenience of shopping from home on Tv20. We feature many unique and useful products! But we also want to give you choices, so when the main Tv20 channel is showing infomercials, 20.3 will show regular programming. Here is what's playing so far...

1:30pm - Merv Griffin's Crosswords
10pm - Word Pictures & Synapse
12am - The Midnight Movie
2am - Wretched

I'm still working on getting some more shows, so stay tuned for that info. Click here to find the Midnight Movie schedule.

20.4 Vida TV
This is a Spanish language Christian television network, currently run by a local church group. It features church programs, music videos, and kids shows, all family-friendly and en espanol!

I hope everyone finds something they like in the new programming, and don't forget about all the good stuff we have on 20.1! That's all for now,

From the Tv20 Control Room,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Greetings viewers, sorry its been such a long time since I've last posted.
The news for this month is Christmas special preemptions.

Next week, the 9-10pm block will be preempted for the following
Mon: The Big Picture
Tue: On the Shoulders of Giants 1
Wed: On the Shoulders of Giants 2
Thu: Ring the Bells
Fri: First Baptist Atlanta Christmas Special
And don't worry if you think you will miss Wretched too much at 9pm, because those first three specials are actually Wretched productions!

This Saturday at 1pm, we will be playing the Frank Capra film, 'Meet John Doe'.

And, of course, on Christmas day, most of the regular programming will be preempted for Christmas programming, mostly children's and singing specials.

So I hope you all enjoy the programming and the holidays! Merry Christmas!

From the TV20 control room,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

November Changes

Greetings TV20 viewers, I have an important update today!

Many people enjoy our two health shows, Your Health with Dr Richard and Cindy Becker at 10am, and Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann at noon. Well, starting in November, Your Health will move from 10am to 9am. This change is because FamilyNet, the network we get Your Health from, is changing the time. And since Your Health is moving to 9am, it will be trading places with Word Pictures and Synapse, which will now start at 10am.

But, even though next Monday is October 26th, according to the broadcast calender, it is actually the first day of November. So all the changes mentioned here will begin on the 26th.

The next change is the 3:30pm retro TV block. It will now change to the following....
Monday - Ozzie and Harriet
Tuesday - The Green Hornet
Wednesday - Andy Griffith
Thursday - Dragnet
Friday - Fourstar Playhouse

Then, Saturdays at 8:30am, Ultimate Choice will be replaced with Go for Gold. Wednesdays at 9:30pm will change from The Creation Series to Origins. Origins is an excellent creationism program that also airs on Mondays at 7pm.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by these schedule changes, I know its frustrating to have a show you're used to watching change times on you! But we certainly appreciate you sticking with us through the changes! That's all for now, look for my post next week on a brand new show....

From the TV20 Control Room

Friday, October 9, 2009

Retro TV Shows

Hello TV20 viewers, I hope you're enjoying the new programming for this month!

I have one more change to add for October. The 3:30pm time slot, which was formerly Lassie, has finally found some new residents. As of October 9th, the lineup is as follows....

Mon - Judge Roy Bean
Tue - The Green Hornet
Wed - Andy Griffith
Thu - Ozzie and Harriet
Fri - Fourstar Playhouse

You might remember that TV20 has aired Ozzie and Andy in the past, but the other three shows are brand new to us. But don't get too attached, because come November, the lineup will change a little bit.

Saturday morning will see our last schedule update. At 7am, we now run Rocky and Bullwinkle followed by Underdog for the old cartoon fans. Two new non-retro additions for Saturday mornings are at 8am; Real Life 101 and Ultimate Choice.

I hope this pleases the fans of retro TV out there, and don't forget about The Lone Ranger at 2:30pm. Also, be on the lookout for a new commercial for St Jude's Hospital if you're looking for a place to be charitable to this season. And if you're looking for shopping, check out Jewelry Television from Midnight to 6am everyday, which is running a special sale this month.

The last bit of news is that the control room operator is proud to announce the birth of his two children, Colin and Molly, last week! Check out Psalm 127 for an encouraging passage on family and children. That's all for now....

From the TV20 Control Room

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greetings - October Changes

Hello TV20 viewers and welcome to the new website and blog! Here I will post news and thoughts coming out of the TV20 control room in Salt Lake City.

The first bit of news is of course, the website. It was designed by Marcus Maher from Alathea Ministries, and hopefully will provide a more attractive and informative web presence for TV20. There is a newly designed schedule and links to the web pages of our exclusive local programming; most of which have lots of online content.

The second bit of news is the schedule for October; we're saying goodbye to some old shows and hello to a few new ones. Both Beverly Hillbillies and Lassie will be gone due to schedule conflicts and cancellations, and the Independent News Network will move in to fill the time.
In the 9am time slot, which currently runs The Greats and Landmarks, a Monday through Friday block of Word Pictures will move in. This block is sponsored by Roy Bible Church, and will be followed by Synapse, a five minute program hosted by Pastor Kenny Montano at the end of every Word Pictures episode.
And finally, the Monday through Friday 7am time slot, which was formally Marketplace, will be featuring Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack, a Bible teaching program.

We're really excited to have these new programs on TV20 and sincerely hope that they will be useful and encouraging to our viewers. Also, we'd love to hear your feedback on our programming at, whether good or bad. That's all for now...

From the TV20 Control Room