Wednesday, April 28, 2010

400% More TV20!

Hi TV20 viewers, big news to share with you today! If you receive your TV20 from the over-the-air digital broadcast (not Comcast, Dish or DirectTV) then you will be privileged to receive the TV20 subchannels which are now programmed as follows....

20.2 Biz Television
This network focuses (obviously) on business. There are a few business/entrepreneur talk shows, including one for moms, auction shows, money managing shows, business for kids shows, and the news. Click here for more info, including the schedule.

20.3 Tv20 Shop!
This channel is mostly infomercials, so we encourage you to experience the fun and convenience of shopping from home on Tv20. We feature many unique and useful products! But we also want to give you choices, so when the main Tv20 channel is showing infomercials, 20.3 will show regular programming. Here is what's playing so far...

1:30pm - Merv Griffin's Crosswords
10pm - Word Pictures & Synapse
12am - The Midnight Movie
2am - Wretched

I'm still working on getting some more shows, so stay tuned for that info. Click here to find the Midnight Movie schedule.

20.4 Vida TV
This is a Spanish language Christian television network, currently run by a local church group. It features church programs, music videos, and kids shows, all family-friendly and en espanol!

I hope everyone finds something they like in the new programming, and don't forget about all the good stuff we have on 20.1! That's all for now,

From the Tv20 Control Room,